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Bermuda’s promise of sun and sea in the Atlantic Ocean lures vacationers from across North America and beyond. It’s so naturally beautiful that it was one of the first places to be protected by environmental laws dating back to the 1600’s, making Bermuda a must-see escape from your daily life. One of the most striking things about Bermuda are the long stretches of pink sand beaches that it unique among all islands. Bermuda is also home to the world’s greatest concentration of shipwrecks, so take the opportunity to snorkel or dive to see spectacular ruins. Or play a round at a world-class golf course, hike peaceful trails or just sunbathe on one of the glorious pink-sand beaches. Evenings can be spent along the crooked streets of the colonial settlement of the Town of St George, Britain's oldest surviving town in the New World, which is so well preserved it's been made a World Heritage site. No matter how you decide to spend your time, make sure to browse through all the accommodation options available in Bermuda. Choose from condo rentals, vacation homes, hotel resorts and vacation rentals, and make your stay everything you want it to be.

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