10 Fun Facts about Canada

Sep 09, 2016

Majestic mountain lake in Canada. Seton Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Red canoe.

You’ve lived here your whole life. You know your country. But- do you really know your country? Here are 10 fun facts about Canada that you may have never heard:

1. The very name ‘Canada’ was a mistake. The natives, who had lived for years in this country of contrasts, met up with a French party who were exploring. Jaques Cartier thought the natives were calling the country ‘Kanata’. In reality, they were calling their village a ‘kanata’. Thus, the name Canada was born.

2. The Hotel de Glace is constructed completely from ice every winter in Quebec. Visitors can sleep on reindeer hides covering ice beds, or they can just have a drink from the ice bar. Many hours of work sculpting and designing melt away as the temperatures warm. However, the hotel is rebuilt again every winter.

3. 1 out of 5 Canadians are actually born in another country.

4. Wolverine and Superman are both from Canadian sources. Wolverine was made in Canada and Superman’s creator was Canadian Joseph Shuster.

5. Ever heard of iceberg harvesting? Only in Canada, right? Ice bergs float from Greenland to Labrador and Newfoundland. Here they are harvested for use in wine, cosmetics and vodka. Who knew?

6. Snakes by the thousands come out of their dens in Narcisse Snake Dens (north of Winnipeg). From a safe viewing platform, visitors can witness squirming mating masses as garter snakes come from their dens in mid-April and early May.

7. The lowest temperature recorded in Canada was -63 C in 1947.

8. The Northwest Territories have polar bear shaped license plates.

9. Santa has his own postal code. HOH OHO, North Pole, Canada, is where all of those Christmas lists are sent.

10. The electric wheelchair was invented in Canada.

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