10 Tips for a Perfect Staycation in Canada

Sep 08, 2016

Group of happy children who are sitting on the hammock and swinging at autumn beautiful day in the park

There are many reasons why a staycation makes sense. Travelling to a tropical resort does not have to be your only vacation option as the cold months are approaching. Whatever the reason, there are things you can do that will help you to have a great staycation wherever you are.  Try these tips to help out:

1. Disconnect. Stop looking at your phone and your computer. In fact, turn them off. Pretend that the world outside of your home or cottage does not exist anymore.

2. Go there. How many times have you thought, “I want to check out that little shop or café?” This is the time. Do it. Canada is full of interesting little towns and cities and now is the time to explore. Stroll through the main street and see it through the eyes of a tourist.

3. Food is an important part of a vacation. Go to new restaurants or have food delivered from a place you’ve never tried. A step further? Try foods you’ve never tried. Ethiopian, Thai, or fusion foods are great for starters.

4. Relax. Walk around in your favourite pajamas. Swing in the hammock. Light the candles. Put on soft music. Trade massages with your spouse.

5. Plan a specific tour. Find local wineries (or apple orchards, or bakeries – whatever you enjoy). Sample the offerings. Watch how the products are made. Buy some to take home.

6. If you have children, go for a ‘summer camp’ theme. Pitch tents outside. Make crafts. Put on silly skits and plays.

7. Spend the week doing nothing. Be lazy.

8. Read or have a movie marathon with your favourite flicks when it rains.

9. Bike, hike, walk, canoe, kayak …. Explore the outdoors.

10. Use a platform like CanadaStays to find yourself the perfect vacation rental anywhere you want to explore.

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