Cabins vs. Cottages: Same Same But Different?

Jan 06, 2012

There seems to be some confusion between the lot of cottage country living quarters. You say tom-ay-to, we say tom-ah-to; British Columbians say cabin, Nova Scotians say cottage.  In many cases the confusion is a case of contrasting coastal jargon, but in some cases there are distinct differences between backcountry dwellings.  With chalet season upon us and cottage season on deck, we figure it's about time to put the uncertainty to rest once and for all. Without further adieu, the Holiday Rentals Network presents a backcountry bible: a definitive guide to cottage country accommodations.

Cottage: a modest and cozy private vacation home in a rural location, often situated near or on a lake; interchangeable with cabin

Cabin: A small, roughly built rural private vacation home, often found in a woodland setting; interchangeable with cottage

Chalet: a private vacation home built in an Alpine style, typically winterized and found in the mountains or near a ski hill

B&B: typically situated in a private home with fewer than 10 rooms, B&Bs frequently offer complimentary breakfast in a dining room or the host’s kitchen

Campground: a designated outdoor area where you can pitch a tent or park a camper.  Campgrounds differ from a ‘campsite’ in that they are accessible by road and usually include amenities such as toilets, showers, fire pits, utility hook ups and piped drinking water.

Lodge: a social country accommodation primarily used for a designated sport, i.e. ski lodge, fishing lodge or hunting lodge

Outpost: the most remote of accommodations, an outpost is a small camp located in a remote area, often only accessible by airplane or seaplane

Cottage Resort: a hybrid between a hotel and cottage, combining the coziness of cottage life with hotel services, such as restaurants, maid service, and the company of other travelers.

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