4 Amazing Dock Cocktails

Aug 23, 2016

Pink refreshing cold raspberry lemonade in tall glasses

When friends gather at the lake for water play, grilling and fun, you will want to have the most amazing cocktails to serve them. Summer cocktails can be fruity and full of citrus flavor. They could have liquor and beer mixed in. They could also be simple. Here are four cocktails your friends will love.

1. Raspberry Lemonade Sangria uses the fresh berries of summer to enhance a plain lemonade. Frozen lemonade concentrate (or even real lemons) Vodka, and beer are mixed together and served cold. Great for a hot day.

2. If you like frozen drinks (and who doesn’t?) consider making The Peach Flip. Frozen peach slices, lemonade, Sprite and Vodka are whirled together in the blender. The result is a peachy slushy, perfect for hot summer days with friends. You can substitute your favorite frozen summer fruits to make the drink uniquely your own.

3. Hippie Juice is watermelon fun. Hollow out ½ a watermelon to use as the bowl. Use the watermelon flesh, triple sec, watermelon vodka, coconut Malibu rum, and pink lemonade powder mix, to create this happy hippy juice. Serve it cold in the watermelon.

4. A Blackberry Mint Julep brings the flavors of summer together. This classic is made of fresh mint and fat summer blackberries. Crush the mint leaves to allow the flavor to really ‘pop’. Fresh, plump blackberries, Kentucky bourbon whiskey, and sugar, make a magical refreshing summer drink. Serve over ice with fresh mint leaves and a couple of blackberries for garnish.

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