5 Food Recipes for all of you Beer Lovers

Aug 30, 2016

Grilled chicken wings with hot and spicy chili sauce baked bread with seeds jasmine rice with herbs and beer

What goes better with the heat of the end of summer than cold beer? Well, maybe recipes made with beer. The tastes of summer are enhanced with different brews. Try these recipes to liven up cottage cooking and grilling get-togethers.

1. Beer baked beans- Geez! Do we need to say more? Savoury smoked bacon, beans, dark-brewed beer and brown sugar, all cooked together in a cast iron skillet- your mouth will water as you smell it cooking.

2. Grill up your chicken with some beer barbecue sauce. Ancho chilies, orange juice, amber beer all blend together for a succulent sauce to bathe your chicken in.

3. Do you want an extraordinarily moist and tasty grilled chicken? Set the whole bird on top of an open can of light brewed beer. Place this in a deep pan and allow it to slow cook while the bird absorbs the flavours of the brew.

4. Grab some fresh mussels and clams. Toss them into the cast iron Dutch oven with a few bottles of good quality beer. Simmer until the shells open. Sop up the beer broth with some good crusty bread. You may find yourself licking the bowl.

5. Soak your brats in a mixture of Pilsner beer, onions, pepper, salt and butter. Allow them to marinate for 15-20 minutes. Throw them on the grill and cook them until they are crisp and brown. You can serve them with your favourite brown mustard, cooked peppers and onions, or top them with the onions from the beer mixture. These are sure to please your crowd.

Remember when cooking with beer:

• Belgian Ales go great with red meat.

• Fruity beers make great desserts.

• Dark beer flavours only intensify with cooking.

• Fish and chicken pair well with pale ales.

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