Family Fun for Labour Day

Aug 04, 2016

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How can it be that summer is just about over? Didn’t the kids just get out of school last week? Though the weather is still hot outside, it’s time for school to start back. Why not have a last fling with summer in a cottage? Labour Day weekend is a wonderful time to pull the family together before things get really hectic. Slip away to the cottage with your family and friends. You can take the boat out on the lake. A pontoon is a wonderful way to spend the day with the ones you love. Swim, kayak, or just play along the shores.

If your idea of a great vacation is tucking away somewhere in the mountains with your significant other and kids, go ahead. Take your hiking boots and see what’s off of the beaten path. Pack a picnic and stop at a scenic overlook. Get lots of pictures.

Maybe it’s just you and your loved one. Summer should still be sent off with a bang. Find a romantic place to spend some time together reconnecting. You could venture out of the cottage and ramble through antique shops or art galleries. Maybe you would rather just spend your time snuggled up together. Fix a favourite meal and watch the sunset together with a glass of wine. You could even get a cottage with a hot tub for some bubbly fun.

This is also a fantastic time to gather the grandparents and all of the cousins for a family reunion. You can get one large cottage or several small ones located close together. Make videos of the family at play. Show off your best cooking. Pass down family stories and pictures.

No matter what you decide to do, enjoy the last days of summer together. Let CanadaStays help your family find their perfect cottage for Labour Day Weekend adventure! Whether it’s taking the trip up north to rent a Muskoka cottage, Kawartha Lakes vacation home or experiencing Victoria or even the beautiful Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. Whatever your coast, CanadaStays will always be there to help it make it feel like home.

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