Family Values: The Benefits of a Whole Home Vacation Rental

May 05, 2015

Family on vacation having barbecue Picture this: you are about to go away on vacation with your partner and two children. You each have a suitcase, and your children refuse to sleep in the same bed with each other.

Let’s say you decide to stay in a hotel room. With the average hotel room only 325 square feet, that is a lot of people and a lot of stuff in a pretty small space. Plus, you had to leave the family pet at a kennel and that wasn’t easy. So not only are you crammed in a small space, but you’re also living in one room with only one bathroom. No privacy, no room to spread out in, and certainly no home-like amenities to speak of. Not exactly a full family vacation, is it?

You could always take over two hotel rooms but that’s not often affordable; and depending on the age of your children, not always a safe option either.

Now lets look at the other accommodation option - a whole home vacation rental. For a fraction of the cost of a hotel stay, you can find your ideal whole home vacation rental that is just right for you and your family. You need three bedrooms? No problem! You need a pet-friendly property? There are thousands available. You need on-site laundry facilities? Done!

A vacation home allows you to customize your stay according to your and your family’s needs. From cable and WIFI, to a games room and a hot tub or pool, there are vacation rentals to suit every need in every geography be it a lakefront property, mountain cabin, urban condo or off-grid chalet. Eat, play, and sleep on your schedule, and on your budget.

Renting a vacation home can also make traveling with friends and family more affordable. Find a property with lots of bedrooms, bunkies or multiple homes on the same property and share the space and the cost, but maintain your privacy and the home-like amenities you’re looking for. There really is no better way to stay.

So stay together without being on top of each other because that’s the point of a family vacation.

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