Have Some Winter Fun at Carnival in Québec

Jan 15, 2016

ice castle


From January 29th to February 14th, bundle up in red. Tie on your sash and get ready. It’s party time in Québec!

Québec City is the snow capital of the world. In 1893 residence of the French city decided it was time to embrace all things cold and snowy and make a huge celebration of winter. Floats from local businesses, a parade and a happy atmosphere rolled into sporadic celebrations of bigger proportions every year. Ice sculpting, dog-sled teams and the traditional arrowhead sash became parts of the revelry that was now an official yearly tradition. Bonhomme de neige became the effigy of Carnival in Québec.

In 1973 the ice palace was built in front of the Parliament Building. This is also the year when the world entered the snow sculpting competition and Québeckers strutted their stuff against the French and Americans.

Today this festival is huge. Competitors from around the world come to sculpt. Revelers come to party. Children come to ride snow tubes and bobsleds. Everyone can enjoy the night parade with floats and characters strutting to the beat of bands. Music fills the air as dance troops perform through the streets. The ice palace is more elaborate than ever and is something surely not to miss. Architects and workers spend months building the palace, installing lights and making steps, archways, turrets and more. The result is a magnificent.

Watch as sculptors take snow and create magical women in gowns, Shar Pei’s with snowy wrinkles, geometric shapes and more. The competitors are intense and dedicated and awards are given. Visitors will enjoy watching in hushed tones as the sculptors ply shapes from the fickle snow. The sculptures come to life right before your eyes.

Hearty revelers can join in the snow baths. These burly men and brave women strip down to their bathing suits and ‘splash about’ in the snow with Bonhomme. For the older crowd, you can enjoy a Caribou is a fiery drink with vodka, sherry, port and brandy…this drink will definitely help you to stay warm.

Check out the many beautiful places to stay in Québec City so you and your family can experience the awesomeness of this carnival.


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