How to Embrace Winter…we all know it is coming!

Dec 17, 2015

Winter sport, snowboarding - portrait of young snowboarder girl

Even though the weather has been quite kind and warm up until now, we know as Canadians, winters can be brutal. Freezing cold temperatures. Icy roads. Snow and more snow- this is not weather for the faint-hearted. For Canadians, though, winter has been changed into a time of festivals, sports and outdoor adventures that make the bitter cold a fun place to be. Hearty and rugged, Canadians have mastered Old Man Winter and became his friend.

Playing in the snow is one way to endure the long Canadian winters. Skiing, sledding and snowboarding are great ways to get much-needed exercise and fun. Whether you head off to a chalet, or just walk out to your backyard, there is always somewhere with snow waiting to be explored. Strap on your snow shoes and trek out over frozen lakes and into forest glades. The quietly falling snow is balm to the spirit. Or, get your adrenaline rush by heli-skiing from a rugged summit in Whistler. Being dropped out by helicopter, you will rush down virgin snow, over rocks and cliffs and through trees. For little children, sledding and snow tubing are popular ways to spend the day. Snow tubing involves very simple steps: Sit down on a tube made for snow. Ride to the bottom. Be pulled back up. Even very young children and older adults love this simple snow fun. Blue Mountain has some great hills for snow tubing.

Fight off winter boredom by going to one of the many festivals. Winter Carnival, Montreal de Lumiere, and others offer great ways to socialize, enjoy tasty food and party with the crowd. Ice sculptures, castles made of ice- even a hotel made completely of ice- are part of the fun. Come and watch as master sculptures and engineers create a one-of-a-kind hotel out of ice. Rooms with ice beds are ready for customers looking to ‘chill-out’. The beds have reindeer hides for covers. Drinks are served in ice glasses. The walls are illuminated with lights, making the place shine from within. Truly a unique experience. The hotel melts away to memories every year and another is erected next winter.

Montreal de Lumiere is a big bash that brings over a million visitors every year. Light displays, art-deco, cooking demonstrations and kid games lure visitors from every age. Try the foods like raw milk cheese from local producers. Sausage, wine and cheese pairings, toasted marshmallows and more will tempt your taste buds. Tango or learn the ballet from professionals. Watch dance troupes perform. Hear live French bands. DJ’s keep the party hopping. It is something not to miss. Find you perfect condo rental also that suites your need.

If you prefer something less crowded for winter, there is winter camping. Be sure to dress in layers. Know how to build a snow shelter. Then tuck in for some quiet time. Watch the stars. Reflect on the beauty of nature. Not quite that hardy? No problem. If camping is a little too daring, rent a rustic cabin. Try your hand at ice fishing in Prince Edward Island. Solitary and peaceful for a daytime activity, you will need a seat, a pole and some bait. Spend the day alone or share a hole with friends.

Whatever you decide to do, Canadian winters do not have to trap you this year. Don’t stay inside all cooped up, rent a chalet and truly embrace this winter season!

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