It's the Summer of the Staycation

Apr 13, 2015

Lake house with pier and woods with sunrise in the morning in Ne

There is a hot new trend in vacationing this summer; and it’s to staying close to home! With gas prices dropping lower than they have in years, and our dollar taking a major dip, there is every reason to believe that Canadians are planning on staying closer to home this vacation season. To find out, we commissioned the Leger Group to conduct a survey of Canadian travel plans this summer and their findings confirm the theory.

The survey found that a resonating 85% of Canadians said they would like to travel somewhere in their own country this summer. When asked where Canadians would consider visiting, it was found that Canadians were more likely to want to vacation in their own province or close to it. With that, the most preferred vacation destinations this summer are the Atlantic provinces (38%), Ontario (36%), British Columbia (35%), and Quebec (30%).

So take advantage of the gorgeous geography and fabulous nature, incredible outdoor activities available to suit all interests, and the unique cultural differences found even within the same province while you discover Canada and experience the ultimate staycation this summer.

So get the most out of your vacation, make it a staycation!

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