Make Your Own Fire Starters

Aug 11, 2014


Building a good fire starts with a good foundation. Whether your fire is in a wood stove or outside in a fire pit, here is a simple way to use take your recyclables and make a long lasting fire-starter.

You will need:

- One cardboard egg carton

- A handful of dryer lint (yes your used dryer lint!)

- Wax pieces

- An old metal bowl

You can get the wax pieces from candle stores; most will sell bags of broken wax and candles for a very reasonable price.

Step one:

Separate the bottoms from the egg cartons and recycle the tops.

Step two:

Take your dryer lint and fill the egg carton bottoms about 1/2 - 3/4 ways up.

Step three:

On a stove top, fill a large pot halfway with water and bring to a boil. Rest metal bowl over the pot and place your wax pieces in to melt.

Step four:

Pour the hot wax over your lint filled egg carton and let it cool and harden. Be careful because the metal bowl will be really hot.

Step five:

Break off one or two squares as needed and light a corner with a match or lighter.

Voila The fire starter will burn on its own for around 20 min and will be sure to get your kindling burning!

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