Montréal en Lumière

Jan 22, 2016


Montreal High Lights Festival

Winter is dragging on, cold and snowy, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. It’s time for a party in Montréal! The Montréal en Lumière, which is held from mid-February to early March, is the time when people celebrate with light displays, music, food and fun. Why not plan to join the party this year?

Bring the kids and enjoy walking through Place des Festivals where lighted domes in winter blues, moons and orbs and trees in greens and tangerine colours, and other shapes are selectively situated to create stunning displays. Buildings have a rainbow of colours displayed on glass windows and sleek metal. Strobing and moving lights add to the party vibe on the luge-like sled run.

While lights are the main feature, this party has so much more going on. Thousands upon thousands of people crowd in to hear live French musicians, DJ’s rocking the party and to sample yummy foods to nosh on as you stroll through the throngs. Have some silky cheese fondue or a spicy sausage. Ride the Ferris wheel to get breathtaking views of Montréal all lit up or take a thrilling ride on a 110 metre icy sled run.

There are all kinds of cooking demonstrations for those who love a good gastronomic party. In addition, the Montréal’s Ultimate Cheese Festival coincides with the Festival of Lights dates. This free event is directly across the street from the festival (convenient, eh?) and has delicious samples from over 60 different Montréal cheese producers. Get a fantastic taste of raw milk cheese. Dip into creamy fondues. Sample to your heart’s delight. You can purchase coupons that will allow you try wine with the cheeses, too. Does it get any better? Well…it does, as a matter-of-fact.

There are free cooking demonstrations, too. And while we are on the subject of freebies- the last night of this festival is full of free activities. Nuit Blanche is when an all-out party breaks loose. Dance instructions, art and cooking demos, fireworks, and over 200 different free activities make this the most popular night of the party. Lines are long, but snow and cold have never stopped a Canadian, right? Stay for cultural delights, or try your hand at the Tango. Paint, sled or cook up something gourmet with an expert. Kids will love the games and the zip-line that covers two city blocks.  This is an all-nighter, so bring some serious energy as Montréal parties until dawn. After all, who wants the party to stop?

Living art performances, dance troupes, marshmallow roasts and ice pianos – it’s all there at the Montréal en Lumière. Young and old alike will find something fun to do during this year’s event, which runs from February 18th to March 5. This annual event has crowds that number almost a million-and-a-half people wanting to break the winter doldrums with a huge party. It is highly recommended that you make your plans early if you want to join in the winter fun this year.

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