Preparing for Back to School

Aug 10, 2016

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Although it’s still plenty hot outside, summer vacation is quickly coming to a close. Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer? Now is the time to finish your summer bucket list and prepare for school to start up again.

Why not throw in one last cottage getaway before the summer slips away? Even if it is just a weekend, go and make some memories at the lake. The kids will love it. It will help them to let go of summer and get into a school frame of mind. Spend your weekend swimming, fishing, or toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

When you get back, take a deep breath. You are ready for this. The lists of school supplies are already on the refrigerator, waiting for attention. Start there. If you have multiple children, try breaking up the shopping lists. For example, one child per week. Or, you could do one item on each list per week. This way your wallet is not hit quite as hard.

Use your local dollar store for items like hand sanitizer and boxes of tissues. You will get the same quality for less. Take your savings from the dollar store to spend on items like shoes, book bags and socks.

Be sure to scour the newspapers for the back-to-school ads. You can find great savings on computers and calculators. Many stores will have prices slashed on pencils, paper supplies, and clothing. Fighting the crowds is worth the savings, but there is an easier way. Shop online. You can get the items you want without the long lines and frustrated parents. Most stores offer free shipping after you purchase a certain amount.

With a little preparation, you can be ready ahead of time. Back to school shopping doesn’t only have to be for the kids, head over to CanadaStays for a little renting a cottage shopping. Start planning a thanksgiving cottage weekend or even plan for the Christmas break and book a chalet today. Whether it’s in Muskoka or in Toronto give your kids the break they need before diving into the new school year.

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