Reasons Why a Vacation Rental is Right for You

Feb 26, 2016

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So you’ve decided to get the family together for the first time in years. Your sister is coming in from Halifax. Your brother will drive up with his wife and your parents are over the moon that everyone was able to coordinate vacation schedules. Now, where can everyone unwind and relax?

A hotel is an option but the thought of having separate rooms seems to defeat the point of a vacation together. Why even go if you have to call to another room to speak to each other? And let’s face it, some hotels are rather questionable when it comes to cleanliness. So, maybe a different option would be better.

You could stay at a resort. They are nicer than a hotel and offer a few more on-site activities, but still- they are just not quite what you were thinking. You wanted somewhere that the whole family could be together as a family. You want a rental home.

In a vacation rental home you will enjoy a real vacation together. Everyone in the same house- no separation. You can get the house as big as you want it, from two bedrooms to twenty. They are also a great value.

Consider all of the perks of a rental home:

You can make your meals together in the kitchen. You get to spend time with mom learning the recipe for her pot roast and heavenly chocolate cake while saving money from eating out. Secret recipes are shared, laughter is spread and the family has that sense of togetherness that is lacking in the other options.

In a vacation rental home, everyone can have a bedroom. There are top-of-the-line appliances, gourmet kitchens, swimming pools, hot tubs and more options- whatever you want. Some rental homes offer use of their boats, pool toys, kayaks and snow mobiles. You can save all kinds of money on excursions by using their equipment and making your own excursions together. Spend the day on the lake or hit the ski slopes.

In the evenings when everyone is tired from a full day, relax in front of a fireplace and play board games. This is a great way to loosen up, catch up and reconnect with family members. The privacy allows you to really be yourself. Walk around in your pajamas if you like. Sip coffee by the pool while watching the sun rise. Do things that would be impossible to do in a resort or hotel room. With your own bedrooms, you will still have the privacy you need. Cuddle up and read a book or soak in a deep tub before bed.

Vacation homes come in a variety of sizes, styles and locations. Prices vary from reasonable to very expensive depending on the amenities and locations. For instance, a beachfront home will cost more than an inland location. Off-season will cost much less than peak-season. You get the picture.

A vacation rental home is perfect for your family vacation needs. To explore more, visit

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