Start Planning Your Holidays- 10 Ways to Stay Sane

Dec 02, 2015

You’ve waited for it all year. While you worked, commuted and dreamed, finally it’s that time of year! The holidays are almost here!  A time to relax with family and friends, unwind, and soak up this much deserved time off. Somehow though, things have gotten a little complicated. Gifts to buy, cleaning, holiday menus- have mercy- when will you get to relax? Take a breath. Here are 10 tips to help you through the holidays.

Mother And Child Baking Christmas Cookies

  1. Delegate.You are not a super hero. Give up the thought that nobody can do your job. Let your children wrap the gifts. Get the spouse to air-out the guest rooms. Plan menus, or let your friends help you do the shopping.
  2. Prioritize. You must polish the silverware, change the sheets and organize the attic. Wait-what? In reality, you don’t have to do all of this. Who will be in your attic? Save that task for another day. Stick to the plan and prioritize what needs to get done.
  3. Plan to plan. That’s right. Set aside one day to make all of your menus, send Holiday cards and write your gift and guests lists. Who is allergic to peanuts, who got a wool sweater from you last year, and absolutely can’t stay at your house again? List will help you decide.
  4. Set a budget. As fantastic as sales are, your budget will only go so far. Budgeting goes along with prioritizing. Do you really need to buy a gift for your babysitter’s dog? Set a workable amount and stick to it. Cut your list instead of fudging on your budget.
  5. Give up. Realize that your best efforts will not please everyone during the holidays. It is impossible to visit four grandparents on two different continents in two days. Maybe you could save one set of grandparents for a summer visit?
  6. Stress is a joy-killer. What good are family gatherings, shopping with friends and special dinners if you are a frazzled mess? These are your holidays, too. Stop. Enjoy some wine. Remember life doesn’t end if the holidays aren’t perfect.
  7. Confirm your plans. Are you going out of town for the holidays? Recheck your reservations. A confirmation number doesn’t mean you have a room or table waiting. People make mistakes. Catch those mistakes before you head out.
  8. Pick it up. Top it off.  Have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers. Then, check all of the fluids and tires on your vehicle. Make sure you have plenty of gas, oil and water. Remember- lots of service stations closed for the holidays.
  9. Pack for travel.  For travelling ease, load in suitcases and gifts in the car first. Next, place a cooler and snacks nearby for easy access. Place jackets on top of the pile for those frequent, cold rest stops. This way you aren’t digging out luggage to find a drink.
  10. Enjoy. Determine in your mind to enjoy your holiday no matter what. Make it count. A positive mindset will help you have happy holidays.
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