Start Planning Your Spring Break

Feb 12, 2016

Happy Family In The Winter Forest.With Christmas behind us, it’s time to start planning your spring break. Time to start considering where to go and what to do while the children are out of school. No need to stress, only a month left to plan and tons of great options from coast-to-coast.

Ontario has a variety of events that spring-breakers will love. For something very different, head to Toronto Comi-con. Held March 20-22, you can dress as your favorite sci-fi character or a comic book character. See famous people, see thousands of characters and see the Sailor Moon cast- all at Comi-con. If comic book characters aren’t your thing, see giant pandas, komodo dragons and more at the Toronto Zoo. The Animal Enrichment Extravaganza will allow you and your kids to learn about these and other animals in this zoo. The tropical zones in the zoo are a warm relief from the cold of the Toronto winter outdoors. Whether, you prefer to stay downtown Toronto or stay somewhere a little more secluded, there are tons of incredible options to fit exactly what you are looking for.

Alberta holds her own natural wonders for spring-break visitors to enjoy. The Canadian Badlands are perfect for hunting fossils and enjoying the eroded landscape with her striped colours. The Royal Terrell Museum of Paleontology offers a glimpse at the largest collection of dinosaurs in the world. See the recently discovered Hellboy, a dinosaur found in southeastern Alberta. Dinosaur Provincial Park is a great way to spend your spring-break too. Come on a guided excavation to participate in finding these magnificent bones.

A break in British Columbia is a way to destress naturally. Try some ziplining or trekking through the trees on a treetop canopy. Do some dog-sledding on Cold Fire Creek in the Rockies. Soak away your troubles in Radium Hot Springs in the Kootenay Park. Imagine looking over the cold Rockies, while your breath freezes but your body is toasty warm in the waters. See the zoos in Victoria or learn about the First Nations people in Haida Heritage Center. If you feel really daring you can crawl through caves in Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park.

Check out the province you wish to visit. A quick look on the internet will yield valuable information about events in your desired area.  Book ahead for the best rates and ticket availability. A spring-break vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

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