The Brand New!

Mar 27, 2012

Drumroll please...

Say hello to the brand new! We have given our website an extreme makeover: we’re talking brighter colors, bigger pictures, cooler fonts, the works. However, we realize looks aren’t everything, and we assure you the new is more than a pretty face...

Cottage Rentals

The holiday rental industry is built on providing travelers with the feeling that they're "right at home", and we want our website to embody that same essence. Planning a cottage rental is historically quite challenging, and that's just unacceptable! This is Canada! So, we put the pedal to the metal and built the new to put the cottage dream within reach - our site is truly your site (or as the proverbial spanish man says, mi site es su site).

The all new boasts brand new features for both property owners and travelers, including a state-of-the-art search system, a cottage country locator tool, greater social media integration, and an onsite booking and payment system (to name a few). Around the office, we like to say that is “where tech meets tradition”: it is our goal to develop exceptional digital solutions that connect people to each other and to cottage country so that everybody is a very happy camper (or should we say cottager?).

Get to know our newest features:

  • Driving Distance Calculator: your key to discovering cottage regions
    • The Driving Distance Calculator is a travel tool that helps you discover the brilliant destinations in your backyard. Unlike Muskoka, most cottage country regions aren’t household names. Should you be concerned if your cottage isn’t in Muskoka? No way! The new allows travelers to search for their perfect cottage using an innovative mapping tool: travelers can tell us where they’re coming from and how far they want to drive, and we will map out all of the great destinations within their designated driving distance. With the click of a button, travelers can locate all the close-by cottage country regions so all they have to do is get in the car and go.
  • Share the Love: when you stumble across a dreamy rental, let others in on your great find!
    • Our Share tool makes planning and coordinating travel details a breeze. One of the great things about vacation rentals is that they can accommodate larger parties, which is a big bonus for guests who want to travel with family members or friends. While planning your getaway, this tool allows you and your travel buddies to quickly share properties of interest.
  • Search Your Way:
    • Our brand new innovative search allows travelers to search for a vacation rental in a variety of ways. Renters can search according to: travel dates, destinations, driving distance from your current location, price, occupancy, property features, amenities, and the list goes on. With over 15,000 rentals on our site, we have amped up our search to make sure its only a matter of clicks until travelers narrow in on their perfect piece of paradise.

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