Top 10 Fall Activities

Sep 26, 2016

Two little twin boys lying in autumn leaves in colorful clothing. Happy siblings kids having fun in autumn forest or park on warm fall day. With hats and scarfs

Finally fall is here! The leaves are changing into a wide variety of colours and you are beginning to bundle up in warm sweaters. Coffee shops start selling pumpkin-flavored beverages. Most people begin to feel that urge to get up and do something before the really cold winds of winter arrive. Here are 10 activities people love doing in the fall:

1. Rake a huge pile of those colourful leaves and let the kids jump in them. What’s more fun than watching kids laughing, running and splashing into the pile as leaves fly in the air?

2. Attend some of the harvest festivals. Carnivals, candy apples and crafts line the streets. The air is filled with mouth-watering scents. See local talents on the makeshift stages.

3. Enjoy a corn maze with your friends. Farmers cut wandering paths through corn stalks, leaving turns, dead-ends and a whole lot of fun.

4. Hiking favourite trails is wonderful in this cooler weather. Grab your water bottle and your hiking boots. Head off to one of the many national parks and explore mountains, waterfalls and prairie grasslands. Be sure to get your camera.

5. Watch molasses being made from sorghum. This sweet stuff has a delicate taste, unlike store-bought molasses, which has a strong aftertaste.

6. In the fall, animals are getting ready for long winters. Now is the time to spot moose, bear, wolves and cougars. You can also watch migratory birds like the famous geese as they head for warmer weather.

7. Cooler nights are a wonderful time to gather friends and make a bonfire. Stories under the stars will make memories for a lifetime.

8. Visit the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Let the children find their own Jack-o-lantern. Pick fresh apples for canning or pies.

9. Take a hayride.

10. Start planning for the holiday season.

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