Top 5 Canadian Road Trips

Oct 18, 2017

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Canada’s incredible expanse and rich natural heritage offer so much room for exploration! A highly suggested way to explore Canada is to take a road trip through one of the most interesting parts of the country. There are many roads to follow, but some are particularly captivating. Read on to learn about Canada’s top five road trips!


1. Calgary to Lake Louise. Take off a week to make the trip from Calgary’s busy streets to the peace and quiet of Lake Louise. Along the way, you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful country in Alberta! If you decide to stop at Cochrane along the way, you’ll have a chance to see the modernized town that was founded as a ranching community. Once you’re back on the road, it won’t be long until you arrive in Banff National Park. Take some time to check out beautiful views of the Rockies and perhaps even drive through the ice fields before heading to Lake Louise.


2. Cabot Trail to Sydney. This Nova Scotia coastal highway is perhaps the most stunning stretch of road in all of Canada. As you drive along the edge of the sea, you won’t be able to resist frequent stops for hiking, whale-watching and kayaking! In order to get the full experience, you should set aside several days for this wonderful journey.


3. Montréal to Québec City. The ultimate Québec road trip will not only take you to the province’s two most well-known cities, but also through the beautiful small towns that make up the heart of Québec’s rural world. Enjoy the best that both Montréal and Québec City have to offer on either end of your trip, from Montréal’s museums to Québec City’s stately infrastructure. In between, you can while away your time in historic little towns and beautiful wineries.


4. Vancouver to Whistler. British Columbia’s best road trip route is something you need to put on your bucket list. The Sea to Sky Highway will leave you breathless at every turn! Plan for frequent stops because there are dozens of fascinating attractions along the way. Porteau Cove is a popular stop and a great place to camp, while Shannon Falls is a magnificent waterfall you can see from the road. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the Sea to Sky Gondola and definitely make a stop at the area’s most popular ski village, Squamish.


5. Viking Trail in Newfoundland. This is a great road trip for shorter excursions, since it only takes a few days. However even this relatively short stretch of road has plenty to offer! You’ll find a handful of excellent ecological reserves, several lighthouses and historic points and a few interesting museums. You certainly can’t miss Arches Provincial Park or L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site – a real Viking settlement!

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