Top 5 Dockside Must-Haves

Aug 23, 2016

Woman sitting on pier applying sunscreen lotion

Summer is coming to an end but are you still planning a lakeside getaway? There are a few things to remember that you will definitely want to have dockside. Here are 5 must-haves for your dockside fun:

1. Sunscreen Lake and beach lovers know that the sun can be brutal when it reflects off of the water. There is no quicker way to ruin a great day with friends than by getting a painful sunburn. Be sure to pack plenty of good quality, water-resistant sunblock. Your skin will thank you.

2. Sunglasses Polarized sunglasses are essential to dockside days. The glare from the water can leave you squinting and blinking, wiping away tears. Even regular sunglasses are no match for the magnified rays on a lake. No headaches, no auras, no blindness – just happy eyes at the end of the day.

3. Insect Repellent Whether it’s bug spray for you and the kid or citronella candles, you will be thankful for remembering the repellent when the sun starts to dim and the mosquitoes start to bite. Bees, ants, and spiders – keep them all at bay with bug spray.

4. Hydration Lemonade, fruity drinks, or simple cucumber water – you must have a way to stay hydrated. A beautiful glass dispenser filled with lemon and lime slices and water is a simple way to serve guests. You could decide to pack a cooler full of cold beers or sodas. Anything you and the guests enjoy, as long as it’s cold and wet.

5. Spray Mist Fans Choose individual mini-fans that mist your guests as they spray or decide on a couple of larger misting fans for the group. When the sun starts beating down without mercy, your guests will be cool and happy.

No matter what you decide to be dockside, enjoy the last days of summer together. Let CanadaStays help your family find their perfect cottage for Labour Day Weekend adventure! Whether it’s taking the trip up north to rent a Muskoka cottage or planning to rent a Huntsville vacation rental, CanadaStays will always be there to help it make it feel like home.

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