Top Ten Ways to make it Easier to Travel with Your Kids

May 09, 2016

three happy kids in car, family trip, summer vacation travel It seems like a lifetime since you went skiing in the Canadian Rockies. It has definitely been a few years since your last visit to Quebec’s old city. The circumstances have changed, though. Children have entered your life. Travelling isn’t as easy as it once was. In fact, travelling can be quite dreadful at times, caged in a car with a toddler and six-year-old. These tips will help you get to the shores of Nova Scotia or the rental house in Alberta with happy children and your sanity intact.

  1. Always allow time for stops. Stopping doesn’t have to be a thirty-minute break. Allow your kids to get out and stretch by letting them wash the windshield when you stop for gas. They can burn off a little energy by racing you to the washrooms. Let them play in the water while they wash their hands. A break doesn’t have to be a time-buster.
  2. Eating on the run is always a challenge. For long road trips make sure you pack a cooler with juice, water, fruit and cheese. These easy finger foods will allow you to keep driving while your children snack. Make sure when you pack your car or van that you put the cooler in a place where you can easily access it- between the front seats is best. Your cooler will do no good if it is buried under the suitcases and pillows. Also- no sugary snacks. Extra sugar hypes up the children and can also promote car sickness.
  3. Over-the-seat organizers are a must for travelling with kids. Let the children fill it with colouring books, games, toy binoculars and other items. The organizers fit over the back of your seat, making it easy for children to get whatever they want.
  4. Portable DVD players are a wonderful way for children to watch their favourite movies and cartoons while the miles pass by.
  5. Disposable video cameras are a fun way for your children to record their trip. It is also fun for adults to see the trip through a child’s perspective.
  6. If it is possible, drive at night. Children can sleep and the traffic is lighter.
  7. A quick internet search will let you find landmarks that your children can look for while you drive. ‘Look for the giant basket’ or ‘find the suspension bridge’ are good examples.
  8. Purchase an animal sticker book. When animals are spotted, the kids can place that sticker in their book. See if you can get all of the animals.
  9. Stop for lunch at a park or a food chain with playground equipment. A thirty-minute break on a playground can make a huge difference in a child's journey.
  10. Use a cookie sheet and magnetic numbers, shapes and pictures for children to create their own play scenes. Pictures of loved ones glued to small magnets are a fun way to remember their destination.
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