What to do at the Cottage When it Rains

Sep 08, 2016

little boy watching the rain through the window

Rain can ruin a vacation. You had plans for a day hiking or biking or even soaking up some sun. Now, the thunder is rolling, the rain is pounding and the kids are whining. What can you do to keep them (and yourself) happy as you wait out the weather? Here are some ideas to help couples, families and small children as they wait for sunshine. Try these and then use your imagination for more.

A scavenger hunt is a great way to spend time indoors. Have someone hide objects and plant clues. The family will then grab their list of hidden objects and get to hunting. Make sure the clues are age appropriate for young ones. The first person to find all of them gets to hide items next.

For couples, play the ‘memory game’. Write out your specific memory of your wedding day, birth of a child, etc. Have your spouse do the same. Then compare memories. You will laugh over how different the two accounts of the same event are remembered.

Rainy days are great for passing down family recipes. Grandmothers, gather your daughters and granddaughters and meet in the kitchen. Show your family how you make their favorite dish, step-by-step. Let the daughters write down how much a ‘pinch’ actually is. Allow the grandchildren to help chop, stir and pour.

Have a photo shoot day. Make masquerade masks with household items. Go for crazy hair styles. Find the tackiest outfits. Have fun with it. You can give ribbons for the best masks, funniest faces, most unusual outfits, etc.

Baking, playing cards, dancing with your spouse or children- there are thousands of ways to have fun with your family on a rainy day. Imagination and ingenuity are all you need and CanadaStays can help you find the perfect vacation rental. Giving you the best cottages rentals in Haliburton or even try renting a cabin in Banff or a escape this winter and rent chalet in Blue Mountain. CanadaStays will provide the venue, as long as you bring the fun!

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