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Central Newfoundland cottage rentals are located in the heart of the province, either nestled along a coastline dotted with countless rocky bays and inlets, or shrouded in the forests of the boreal north, thick with birch, pine, and spruce trees. 

Better known as “Adventure Central”, the region boasts some of the best outdoor experiences in the province. Terra Nova National Park is home to a network of trails that are favoured by hikers and bikers in the summer, and cross-country skiers and snowshoers come winter. Over 200 kilometres of coastline and numerous lakes and rivers beckon water enthusiasts, including anglers, canoeists, kayakers, snorkelers, and swimmers. Terra Nova also offers a world-class golf course called Twin Rivers. Furthermore, iceberg and whale-watchers will be will served with the six types of icebergs and 26 species of whales that travel through the area seasonally.

Refuel with the freshest fare the ocean can provide. Sample the fish and chips at Dowding’s in Pond Cove, the squid rings at Triton’s Fudge Restaurant, and—if you’re out Fogo’s way—the crab and pod-caught cod at Nicole’s Café.

Central Newfoundland cottage rentals will appease the appetites of both outdoor and foodie adventurists, and are just a short drive from St. John’s. 

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