1. - CanadaStays Sees a 300% Increase in Bookings in Six Months

Canadian Property Owners Cashing in on Vacation Property Rentals: A 300% Increase in Bookings in Six Months

85 per cent of Canadians would like to explore Canada this summer instead of travelling out of country.

TORONTO, February 2, 2016 /CNW/ – Just one month into 2016, savvy Canadians know it’s going to be a good year for owning secondary properties.

Since July 2015, property owners renting out on CanadaStays have seen over a 300% increase in bookings, with thousands of travellers inquiring daily. “2016 is easily going to be the biggest year on record for vacation rentals in Canada,” states Mark Bordo, CEO of CanadaStays.

Increasingly, people are learning how to get a good return on their hard-earned vacation property investment from CanadaStays. User-friendly resources and innovative tools help owners market their property and manage bookings on the internet. Sites like CanadaStays let you track reservations and collect payment using a safe and secure payment system.

“I like having the option of not needing a credit card machine; clients can book with their credit card through the site and it makes it a lot easier for me,” chalet owner Elias Trabulsey explains. Trabulsey has used CanadaStays for approximately three years for his property in Blue Mountain, Ontario. “Renting my property has been quite easy,” he says. “There have been more than enough inquiries.”

Unlike other competitors, homegrown CanadaStays specializes in whole-home vacation rentals. Properties can be rented out for the entire year, or just certain months, so owners can choose to vacation in the same property offered for rent. It’s all up to the listing owner.

“This is a complex business, but CanadaStays has been helping me gain more exposure for my properties,” says BC property manager Roy Wiltshire, who has more than 70 listings on CanadaStays.

Wiltshire, who has only been with CanadaStays since November 2015, has learned how to optimize owning vacation property. “CanadaStays provides a great source of leads for my business and within two months in our peak season we generated $65,000 in gross sales.” That’s a 400% ROI on Wiltshire’s initial investment.

Renting non-primary properties can bring in more money than a full-time job, with an average listing on CanadaStays renting for $1,200 per week.

Property owners can list at any time. But the sluggish economy is setting up for a year of staycations, so getting your property visible on CanadaStays’ website early will be of benefit as people plan this year’s vacations.

More than ever before, now is the time to not only take advantage of the low dollar by keeping Canadians travelling within Canada, but also to attract American travellers.

“I would recommend CanadaStays to anybody,” says Trabulsey. “My experience has been great and I look forward to making more money in the future.”

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Founded in Toronto in 2008, CanadaStays is Canada's largest vacation rental marketplace with 100,000+ vacation rental properties in 11,000+ destinations across Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America. CanadaStays provides property owners with a simple, effective marketing solution that gets their property listings in front of millions of visitors, while offering travellers unique accommodation options in their favourite destinations. Visit www.canadastays.com to learn more.

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