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The Gaspésie, one of five maritime Quebec regions, offers cottage rentals scattered along the southern shores of the Saint Lawrence River and throughout the Appalachian range. Dominated by cascading sea cliffs and home to some of Canada’s most iconic national parks, the Gaspésie is one of the most coveted cottage rental destinations in Quebec.

On the tip of the Gapsé Peninsula is Piercé Rock, one of the world’s largest marine limestone arches, and together with nearby Bonaventure Island forms Ile-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park. Extending over a 2km stretch of coastline, the Park is one of the world’s largest migratory bird sanctuaries and also offers whale-watching, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking.

At the extreme northeast end of the peninsula is Forillon, Quebec’s oldest National Park. A hiking, biking and horseback riding hot-spot known for its majestic mountains and fields of wild flowers, the park was historically a summer hunting and fishing ground for the Micmac and Iroquois and its coastline hasn’t changed since Jacques Cartier came ashore in 1534. Also in the region are Miguasha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage fossil site that offers spectacular panoramas of the Acadian Isles, and Gaspésie National Park, which encompasses 25 peaks over 1000 metres and marks the eastern end of the Appalachian range and Trail.

In addition to natural and outdoor attractions, the Gaspésie is home to several picturesque farming and fishing villages where visitors can experience maritime culture and cuisine. Lobster, northern shrimp, and snow crab are local delicacies that can be enjoyed at a number of the peninsula’s restaurants or straight from its fishing wharves.

At almost eight hours northeast of Québec City, the Gaspésie is an off-the-beaten-path destination that is well worth the trek.