Why list with CanadaStays?

Connect with millions of travellers by listing with Canada's #1 vacation rental marketplace.

Earn Extra Income

Fund your mortgage, create a renovation budget or simply add to your savings account.

Easy to Use

Manage all your bookings with state of the art tools found in one convenient dashboard.

Secure Payments

You and your traveller are protected by our secure payment platform.

How it works

Create a Listing

Set up an account and include up to 24 high quality photos, write a great description of your property and the surrounding grounds, determine your rates and fees, set up your payment methods and update your availability calendar. Then publish your listing.

Connect With Travellers

We'll send you all the inquiries and booking requests from travellers looking to book your property. Take up to 24 hours to learn more about them so that you’re completely comfortable with who is staying in your property.

Approve Bookings

When you’re really comfortable with who is booking your property, approve their stay through the CanadaStays platform and protect yourself and the traveller with our payments system.

Get Paid

We'll send you your rental funds one business day after your guest checks-in to your property. We provide a number of different payout options, so choose the one that’s right for you.


“We have been delighted with the service that we have received from CanadaStays. The guests that you have sent our way have been so very appreciative of what we have to offer, [...] Most of your guests have become regulars and tell their friends about not only our offerings but about you kindness.”


Quathiaski Cove, BC, Canada

“I like having the option of not needing a credit card machine; clients can book with their credit card through the site and it makes it a lot easier for me. Renting my property has been quite easy and there have been more than enough inquiries.”

Elias Trabulsey

Mountain View Chalets