Listing Standards

Why does CanadaStays have listing standards?

To be sure owners and managers who list with us are providing the experience travellers expect.

How does listing with CanadaStays benefit my business?

We at CanadaStays strive to get you the most bookings possible all the while providing travellers with a simple and secure online booking experience. These listing standards help make it easier to book and reduce cancellations. We’re confident that providing travellers a smooth booking experience will make them likely to book with us for future trips.

Our Standards

All bookings and inquiries from CanadaStays and our associated distribution partners must be processed through the CanadaStays online booking platform.

This includes emails, URLs, phone numbers, content around avoiding the service fee or any other request on your listing that attempts to direct travellers to another website or to book off of the CanadaStays online booking platform.

The space you are listing must be a whole rental.

does not list shared accommodation rentals. Additionally, your rental must be accurately represented, located where you say it is, and must be able to accept bookings for the property.

You must accept most of your booking requests.

While we understand that not all booking requests are desirable for your property, you should accept most of the requests you receive through our site.

You cannot cancel a large number of confirmed reservations.

Canceling a confirmed reservation is a huge disappointment and a poor experience for travellers who may also lose time and money in the process.

You must maintain an up-to-date calendar.

Your calendar should be kept accurate at all times. This will save potential travellers from spending time submitting booking requests for dates which are unavailable. This will save you time and save them from disappointment.

You cannot use one listing to drive bookings to your own website or for multiple properties which are not listed on CanadaStays.

CanadaStays Listing Standards

By following these standards, you will benefit from greater visibility to travellers looking to book your property and an overall better experience for you and your guests. Owners and property managers are expected to adhere to the following standards when listing a property on CanadaStays through both our pay-per-booking and subscription listing models.

Failure to adhere to these standards are considered violations of our Terms and Conditions.