American Energy Systems

American Energy Systems

American Energy Systems Inc. began its goal of providing a safe warm home for its customers in a small town in South Dakota back in 1973. The company’s main product line “MagnuM” and “Country Flame” has lived up to its name reflecting strength, dependability and safety.

American Energy Systems believes in providing a top line quality product and its company vision is to make heating our homes and businesses an affordable, safe, economical and environmentally friendly way of life.

In 1984, the company moved to Hutchinson Minnesota (45 minutes from Minneapolis) to expand operations and get closer to the main hub of transportation, vendors and employee base. AES chose Hutchinson, Minnesota because of its affiliation with Maplewood Academy and its work study program to train our youth to have a trade that they could use to work their way through high school and higher education. This coupled with the local Technical College has enabled AES to enjoy watching youth grow as they learn to cultivate their skills into a finished product.

Today, AES has grown to a corporate manufacturing facility with over 35,000 square feet, 65 plus employees at corporate with an additional 150 with our partner manufacturers. AES has secured more than 6 times the manufacturing capacity than in 2005, increased our dealer base to accommodate the thousands of consumers that are requesting our product, and have set up an additional 4 Factory Reseller outlets for local distribution of our products. We have achieved international recognition for our MagnuM Countryside Corn burning appliances and are recognized in the hearth industry as leaders in Flex-fuel / Biomass & Corn burning technology. We are currently developing new combustion technology and an exciting lineup of Flex-fuel appliances for the future. AES is 42 years strong and more than capable of meeting its customers’ needs. Contact our Sales Department today at to become a part of the AES team.

American Energy Systems thanks its customers for their decision to purchase our products and will continue to provide new and innovative ways of keeping you warm.

You never will be left out in the Cold with MagnuM Flex-fuel appliances

American Energy Systems

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