Electri Chef

Electri Chef

Electri-Chef ® Grills was born when visionary inventor William A. Jones, Jr. asked himself this question: Is it possible to create a method of grilling that preserves the best aspects of propane grilling, while making the process easier, healthier, and environmentally friendly? 

An engineer by trade and a grilling enthusiast himself, Mr. Jones set about the task of creating the perfect grill. It didnt come together overnight. Having already built a line of propane grills, he was adamant about re-inventing the grill altogether. He knew that grillers enjoy the process of outdoor cooking and the unique flavor that grilling brings to the table. 

At the same time, he wanted to create a method of grilling that made the hobby even more enjoyable by removing the hassles and the danger associated with propane. He envisioned a healthier way of outdoor cooking that, with no open flame, would be safer to use. And he wanted a line of grills that could be used by everyone even people who live in places where open flames are prohibited such as apartments, condos, boats and yachts. 

His first grills were 220 volt models, and those form the crux of todays modern line of Electri-Chef ® Grills. Experimenting further, he was able to use technology and advanced construction techniques to invent the Safire the worlds finest 115 volt electric grill that goes anywhere and provides the cooking power of a much larger grill. 

Today, Electric Grilling Technologies LLC, manufactures the line of Electri-Chef ® Flameless Electric Grills. We are the undisputed leader in the field of manufacturing a variety of 220 volt and 115 volt grills from our modern facility located in the heart of Central Texas. 

With a line of grills, that virtually reinvents outdoor cooking, and increases the pure enjoyment of grilling Mr. Jones vision is fulfilled. Never before has grilling been this easy or this much fun! And that's why our mantra to you is so simple!

Electri Chef

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