Encore Power Systems

Encore Power Systems

In Ontario, if you own a rental property whether it is a cottage or rental home, power outages can cost you money.

Power outages are frequent, unpredictable and costly.

First, there are multiple calls from tenants to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem over
the phone, then there is the call to the utility company to see what is going on? Then there is waiting to see when they can fix the problem, if they can fix it at all!

All the while both you and the tenant are frustrated and without power, the clock is ticking away.

At the end of the day what happens? The tenant asks for some kind of compensation due to lack of power, and if you don't provide it then there is the risk of a bad review/rating and that means less tenants and further loss of future income!

Enough is enough! With our Power Protection Plan you can rest at ease knowing that your property(and revenue stream) is protected from power outages, for as little as $99/month we can back-up your power supply and you can add a feature to your rental property that sets it apart from the others!

Encore Power Systems

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