HotLine Internal Pipe Heater

HotLine Internal Pipe Heater

What is the HotLine Internal Pipe Heater?

The HotLine Internal Pipe Heater is a cost-effective, safe, low voltage, in-water pipe and in-sewer line freeze protection device for home, ranch, farm and commercial applications.

If temperatures drop below 32° Fahrenheit in your area for more than 24 hours at a time, just install HotLine, plug it in, and leave it plugged in until freezing temperatures are over for the year.

For most HotLine lengths, your water and sewer pipes will be protected from freezing for just pennies per day.

HotLine's "set-it-and-forget-it" design will warm your incoming water lines as well as outgoing sewer lines from inside the pipes to keep them from freezing for the entire season.

HotLine is custom-made to order to ensure the entire length of your water or sewer line is protected from freezing.

HotLine Internal Pipe Heater

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