Little Luxury

Little Luxury

Little Luxury brings you the latest technology in water filtration and cooling systems. Our products are ideal for home, work, travel and now anything outdoors.
Little Luxury developed and patented the world’s first ever Mini Water Cooler which both filters tap water using a clinically proven anti-bacterial filter, and cools the water using a powerful ultra energy-efficient cooling system. At only 19.5 inches high and 6.5 inches wide and weighing under 7 pounds, it is the perfect portable filter and cooler. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it available.

Why Little Luxury

Clean, filtered water is the foundation of health and wellness.
Every child should have a Little Luxury Filter and Cooler in their bedroom. It will get them to drink more clean and healthy water. Every adult should have one in the bedroom and place of work. Only good can come from this.
Ideal for small and single room apartments, college dorms, home offices, home gym’s, home bars, and now with the great new outdoor series – any outdoor activity including
camping, fishing, boating, all sports fields, long distance journeys, mobile homes, truckers, and much more. Little Luxury gives you ice cold healthy water any time, everywhere.
• Little Luxury has been producing water filtration products for over 10 years, originating in South Africa and now expanding to the rest of the world.

• Little Luxury manufactures with the utmost attention to quality control that ensures safety and efficiency.

• Little Luxury’s award winning products comply with the highest health and safety standards from around the world. Little Luxury water filters produce great tasting, filtered water that is safe to drink. They are test approved by SGS France. Filter frames are made from food grade polypropylene. It is very safe, free of BHP and is an environmentally friendly material.

• Little Luxury maintains an ice cold water temperature of between 42 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the ambient temperature.