Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric, leader in ductless split technology, offers heating and cooling systems well suited for the Canadian cottage community. Its products are best known for the excellent efficiency, compactness, quiet operation, and most importantly, quality.

A well-conditioned and comfortable environment could encourage more customers spending their quality vacation time at your property. Meanwhile, heating and cooling can have a significant impact on your energy bill. That's why investing in an energy-efficient and quality-built heating and cooling system would be a wise choice to save energy costs and increase your property's competitiveness.

Mitsubishi Electric's ductless split systems are more efficient than conventional heating and cooling methods. As majority of the time a heating and cooling system is required only to maintain a set temperature, Mitsubishi Electric's Inverter technology automatically reduces the system's energy consumption to match the reduced demand. This is like using cruise control to maintain the speed of a car. In both cases, less energy is used.

Ductless split heating and cooling systems prevails especially during the shoulder seasons where temperature swing throughout a day can be like summer and winter. The same system can automatically switch between heating and cooling modes, providing continuous comfort to the occupants.

These systems are highly compact and measure only 13 inches deep. They can easily be installed alongside the exterior wall and take up a lot less real estate than a traditional AC. They come in a wide range of styles and capacities, being flexible enough to suit different applications. These systems are also renowned for being extremely quiet, so quiet that you