Palmex International

Palmex International

Palmex International is a specialized Canadian manufacturer of Synthetic, Eco-Friendly Palm Leaves for Tropical Thatch roofing since 1998.

To date, our company has collaborated on building projects for artificial thatch roofs in 50 different countries, with an ever-growing network of local distributors now located around the globe in 39 countries.

100% Waterproof with or without any sub-roofing, this industrial-strength product is certified Wind-Resistant, UV-Resistant and comes with a 20-Year Warranty that provides added-value on the investment.

By choosing to build with Palmex materials, you are choosing highly durable, resistant and recyclable products. You are opting for an aesthetic virtually identical to natural tropical roofing while buying yourself greater peace of mind with no maintenance and unbeatable longevity.

At Palmex International, we personally think that the biggest advantage Palmex roofing provides is peace-of-mind and that, we feel, is priceless

Go with PALMEX and SAVE by investing in a high-end, environmentally-friendly product range.

Palmex Synthetic Thatch Solution that Outperforms the Original!

Palmex International

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