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Phyn Plus is a single connected device installed on your property’s main water line that finds leaks anywhere in your plumbing and shuts off the water automatically. Using patented high-definition pressure wave sensing, Phyn Plus monitors your water use to help you conserve and save.
Perfected over a decade in the labs at University of Washington, Belkin and in the homes of consumers, Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in the pressure of your water – 240 times every second – to understand the unique profile of each fixture in your home. So, when you run a faucet, Phyn knows it was a faucet. And if that faucet leaks, Phyn lets you know.

Protect Your Property from Leaks, from Anywhere:
Using pioneering leak detection science, Phyn alerts you via SMS the moment it notices an issue at your property. You can turn off your water from anywhere with the Phyn app.

Mitigate Damage from Frozen Pipe Bursts:
Phyn Plus automatically shuts off your water in the event of a pipe burst, saving your property from tens of thousands of dollars in water and mold damage.

Extend the Life of Your Plumbing:
Daily diagnostic “Plumbing Checks” detect early warning signs of plumbing failure such as micro-leaks and pressure irregularities.

Reduce Your Water Bill by Up to 10%:
Minor toilet flapper leaks can waste up to 4,000 liters every day, adding up to huge bills at the end of the month.

Know if A Guest Left Water On:
See if water is still flowing after your guests have departed and shut off the water using the Phyn app.

Get Insights into Your Water Use:
Stay on top of how much water is being used at your property with monthly, daily, and hourly reporting.

Save on Property Insurance:
Many carriers offer a homeowner insurance discount for having Phyn Plus installed. Check with yours before purchase.