Riverdale Water Management

Riverdale Water Management

Riverdale Water Management is all about improving and maintaining water quality in lakes, lagoons, drinking water and retention ponds. Our team of water quality experts will develop a detailed action plan to manage your water issues whether it is large or small project. We specialize in lake and lake shore improvement, Waste Water Management, Drinking Water Reservoirs, City Retention Ponds, Lakes, Farm Dugouts and Ponds. We supply ultrasound technology to control algae, aeration to improve water quality, bacteria to rid the lake shore of muck and fountains to provide beauty and movement!!

LG Sonic ultrasound technology controls algae in small and large lakes and retention ponds. This cutting-edge technology is used in over 52 countries around the world with excellent results.
• Effective algae control – eliminates up to 90% of existing algae and prevents the growth of new algae
• Safe for the environment – safe for fish, plants, zooplankton and insects
• No release of toxins – the cell wall remains intact
• Effective on larger water surfaces - multiple systems can be installed on large lakes
• Low operational cost – the system operates on solar energy
• Easy to install and maintain – can easily be deployed and maintained.

Monitor Water Quality with the MPC Buoy – collects the following parameters every 10 minutes - Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, PH, Turbidity, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature. This data is used to predict algae blooms.

Aeration – subsurface fine bubble aeration can greatly improve water quality. It breaks up the thermocline and adds dissolved oxygen. This not only improves the water quality and clarity but vastly improves the quality of the water for fish and other aquatic life. These systems can treat lake shores, bays and lakes and are very cost effective. The patented design is second to none on the market today. With self weighted lines and aeration plates the system is easy to install and maintain. Fly fishing associations love this aeration system for improving lake conditions to over winter fish.

Lake Shore Treatments – in addition to aeration and ultrasound technology we carry a pelleted form of aerobic bacteria that will eat inches of the black oozy muck that you may find on your lake shore bottom. Muck is generally where you will find leeches and aquatic weeds. This Muck Away bacteria will rid the area of muck thus reducing the aquatic weeds and leeches! Yes, you can spot treat just the area of lakeshore that you use!

Floating Fountains – add beauty to any setting. These systems are energy efficient and simple to install. They come with 3 nozzles to provide you a selection of spray patterns. Light up the night with the LED lights that easily mount on the floating fountain.

Riverdale Water Management

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