Sinope Technologies

Sinope Technologies

Sinopé Technologies is a manufacturer of electronic control products based in Canada. Our products are designed to help you manage remotely the use of energy to generate savings, optimize comfort and protect your home and cottage during a prolonged absence. Here are some of our products that you will love:

Web programmable thermostats:

Ideal for cottages, our Web programmable thermostats let you program up to 6 different periods per day, 7 days a week through the neviweb® platform, also developed by Sinopé. Did you know that lowering your thermostats 3 °C at night can help you save up to 5% on your electric bill? Don't let your devices work at full capacity all day long. Lower them when people are sleeping or when nobody's home. Our thermostats can be used with electric heating (models: TH1120RF 3000 and TH1120RF-4000), low-voltage (heating only) (model: TH1400RF) and electrical floor heating (model: TH1300RF).

Web programmable light switch (SW2500RF):

Turn on the lights remotely for a warm greeting for your guests, set a timer to your light switches to avoid lights left open and simulate a presence in your cottage when it is not rented to discourage intruders. In addition, the scenes generator allows the interaction between light switches, meaning that you can turn on or off many lights in one simple operation. The SW2500RF Web programmable light switch can do all of this and much more! Click here to learn about this product.

Web programmable electrical load controller (RM3200RF):

Remotely control and program the use of energy-intensive appliances such as electric water heater, pool pump, window AC unit and outdoor lighting. Manage the use of energy to generate great savings! This device also allows you to protect your cottage from flooding by facilitating the deactivation of the well pump during a prolonged absence. Click here to learn more about this product.

Manage all your compatible devices with the neviweb® platform:

Neviweb® is free, intuitive and easy to use. It is Sinopé Technologies' platform to control and program remotely all of your compatible devices, using the GT125 Web interface. With neviweb®, you can also generate reports to analyze energy consumption and costs for each room or each cottage you own for 24-hour or 30-day periods. Moreover, you can put your devices in "away" mode in a simple click. Try it now with this demo version!

Innovation is at the heart of our work which allows our products to benefit from unrivaled energy efficiency and meet our customer's current and future needs. With more than 200 thousand products sold each year throughout North America, become one of our happy customers today.

Note: Lodgers can bypass a programming period by activating and deactivating locally the devices. But if you want, you can program minimum and maximum setpoints from your neviweb® account to limit the range of temperature (for thermostats) and set up email alerts to be notified if the temperature is under or above these setpoints. If you really don't want them to be able to change anything, you can also lock the keypad.