Water Damage Prevention Systems

Water Damage Prevention Systems

During the late 1990's Rod was working in the fire and water damage remediation industry. He estimates that in a 3 year period he personally evaluated well over 1000 water damaged homes and businesses. Most of the losses were as a result of a plumbing leak or an accidental overflow. Soon Rod realized that there was a common thread to these losses - many of them were catastrophic to the property owner and the majority of them were preventable!

He had the idea that if there was only a way to have the water supply turned off when water was where it wasn't supposed to be. But how? One day he was surfing around the internet and he came upon a water leak detection system. In his estimation it was exactly what he was looking for and as they say "the rest is history."

The H2O SOS, designed by Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC. is a water leak detection and control system for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

This new system combines a Certified Lead Free Shut Off Valve with sleek design Water Sensors and an equally sleek design Control Panel.

The H2O SOS acts like a circuit breaker for the buildings water supply and controls the situation by detecting a plumbing failure or accidental overflow. As soon as a sensor detects water the water supply is immediately turned off.

With the supply of water turned off, a potential disaster has been averted, saving the devastation, expense and headaches of flood damage and insurance claims.

Water Damage Prevention Systems

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