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Prince Edward Island Cottage Rentals - Why Rent Here?

Prince Edward Island or P.E.I. is a beautiful province best known for its scenic coast. Popular getaways include cottage rentals in Malpeque Bay, known internationally for its oysters, and charming Charlottetown where you can find both condos for rent and vacation homes available for rent. PEI vacation rentals are also the perfect accommodation for the golf vacation. PEI is known for its abundance of beautiful golf courses lining the shore. Go and a golf tour and stay at vacation rentals up and down the coast!

Prince Edward Island is surrounded by some of Canada’s most beautiful beaches. Stay in a cottage rental and get ready to get your hands dirty with the red sand on the South Shore. Try the oysters fished right off the coast, ready for you to enjoy. Or visit the home of Anne of Green Gables for an authentic PEI experience. This is a wonderful province to take the entire family. Vacation rentals are plentiful offering excellent accommodations throughout the regions.

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