Canada is filled with incredible natural beauty that can be found from coast to coast. Whether you’re looking to explore some stunning geography, relax by a lake or enjoy the mountains, Canada has something for everyone to enjoy. You will find booming cities and quaint towns along your adventure all with unique, marvelous charm.

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United States

The United States is filled with rich and exciting history that can be found in every state. Each state offers you a new experience that is different from the last. From beach destinations, snow capped mountains, deserts, and everything in-between, you will be able to discover it all.

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The Caribbean

Discover the Caribbean and find your perfect sun vacation spot. From white sandy beaches to city adventures, you will experience some great culture, amazing food and friendly people. Explore the islands on day trips, or just read a book on the beach - you can have your dream vacation in the Caribbean.

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From ancient ruins to lively night life and gorgeous beaches, Mexico will leave you in awe. Soak up the sun on a beach or explore ruins in any of the cities - the choice is up to you. When the day’s activities are done, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and dance the night away on an adventure that is sure to please.

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Central America

Explore the very active area of Central America. From active volcanoes to adventurous activities like hiking, zip-lining, and scuba diving, the area is unique and yours to explore. Unwind at the end of the day with great local wines or if you still energy to burn, enjoy the night life in any of the area’s countries.

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