A Quality Score is a metric that we assign to each listing and is based on a number of factors such as the number of reviews you have, keeping a current calendar, displaying accurate rates and maximizing the number o... Read More

The moment you accept money for your vacation rental property you have made a business transaction and that is the way your insurance company sees it. Even if you are renting to friends or family, if any money has changed han... Read More

Whether you call them ‘Rules’, ‘Policies’ or ‘Guidelines’, you will need to have something in place to help your guests know what they can and cannot do, and how flexible you are on different issues. They should be clear, sim... Read More

Your Frequently Asked Questions List Your guests will ask a lot of questions. All they have to make the decision to part with their hard-earned vacation savings is a web listing.  Some of these have limited text, ambigu... Read More

Having an agreement with your guests is protection for both parties, and renting your place without one can open you to a range of issues.  We live in litigious times and have a refund culture that is encouraged by the media... Read More