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1000 Islands, Ontario

The province of Ontario features not just one island, but many islands - the Thousand Islands. Thousand Islands rests on the St. Lawrence River, close to Lake Ontario, and it connects Canada and the US. If you want to go to the Canadian Islands, come to Ontario; if you want to go to the U.S. Islands, come to the state of New York. Two great choices, and just a bridge between them: the Thousand Island Bridge.

Getting to either the province of Ontario or the State of New York is simple. Just go to Wellesley Island, take Interstate 81 in Jefferson County (USA), and get on Highway 137. Highway 137 will take you right to Highway 401 in Ontario.

Big Attractions on Both Sides of the Borders

Thousand Islands is best known for Alexandria Bay in Jefferson County, New York, Gananoque in the Leeds, and Grenville County in the Canadian province of Ontario.Gananoque features boat cruises, the Charity casino, the internationally-renown theatre of Thousand Island Playhouse, and The Thousand Islands-Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, of which there are only 400 in the world! So come and enjoy this rare treasure at Thousand Islands.

The Alexandrian Bay offers a 10-day Pirates of the Caribbean-type live performance/festival, which is performed throughout the entire town by professional actors and anyone interested in dressing up as pirates.

Not too far from the Bay (on Powerhouse, Heart Island), is the Boldt castle, which is full of Thousand-Island artifacts dating back as early as the 1900's.

Keep a Look Out For....

  • Small islands with only one house on them (get out your binoculars!); Boldt castle on Powerhouse, Heart Island.

Culinary Celebrity Trivia

Q.What famous actress named a salad dressing after Thousand Islands?
A.Canadian vaudeville star and movie actress May Irwin.

One of the Best....

If Thousand Islands were to win an award for anything, it would probably be for its Antique Boat Museum in Clayton New York. Gaze at and learn about over 100 boats!

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October 20, 2013


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