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About Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is a peninsula located in Northeastern United States, on the easternmost part of the state of Massachusetts. With its fifteen unique towns, its shops, festivals, museums, art galleries, wooded bike paths, historical sites, great golfing, small-town charm and, of course, its world-class beaches, Cape Cod is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Cape Cod is divided into four parts:

1) The Upper Cape, which is closest to the mainland;

2) The Mid-Cape, which is the commercial and industrial hub of Cape Cod (the main village, Hyannis, is located there), windsurfing destination par excellence, and home of the popular warm-water beaches of Nantucket Sound;

3) The Lower Cape, which is the narrower part of the peninsula;

4) The Outer Cape, the outermost portion, which features the Cape Cod National Seashore National Park and its famous beaches - i.e., Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach.

Things To Do in Cape Cod

The beaches in Cape Cod are among the most popular in America. The Outer Cape's Coast Guard Beach was actually ranked the fifth best beach in America, 2007, by Stephen Leatherman ("Dr. Beach"). Indeed, the Cape Cod National Seashore as a whole was named one of Forbes Traveler's "America's 25 Most Visited Tourist Sites" in 2008.

When in Cape Cod, you must go whale watching. Indeed, it is said that no trip to the peninsula is complete without it. Other outdoor activities on the Cape include boating, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, biking or walking along the beautiful wooded trails, golfing, and more.

For a more educational expedition, check out the Cape Cod museums - rife with American and natural history. Founded in 1954, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is one of The Cape's cherished attractions. There you'll find an enthusiastic display of the flora and fauna of Cape Cod, which features whale, indigenous bird and coastal change exhibits, as well as aquaria filled with everything from crustaceans to snakes, fish, mollusks and frogs.

There are three nature trails to explore on the premises, as well. If you're eager to learn about the Cape's local history, moreover, check out the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum, the Old Atwood House Museum and Falmouth Historical Society Museum.

Golfers rejoice! Cape Cod is a fabulous golfing destination - with, notably, some of the best courses in New England. There are many golf resorts to choose from, as well as hotels, such as the Dockside Hotel Group and Hampton Inn & Suites Golf Getaways, which offer great golf packages.

Accomodations, Cottages, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts

There are over 250 bed & breakfasts and inns in Cape Cod, which range from the homes of legendary sea captains to antique farmhouses. Hotels and motels can also be found amid the shops and hotspots in downtown Cape Cod. And, of course, hotels and resorts abound among the Cape's magnificent beaches.

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