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About Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is known, among many things, for its massive size. It has the largest landmass in western North America, is the second largest island in Canada, and it's the 43rd largest island in the world -- measuring up to 460 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide.

A coveted tourist destination, Vancouver Island has many wonderful tourist attractions - among them, the many parks in Greater Victoria, science and history museums, sports facilities, Nanaimo ("The Bathtub Racing Capital of the World"), the mountainous city of Port Alberni, the marine and natural attractions in Tofino, and Parksville, "the Jewel of Vancouver Island."

Things to Do

When in Vancouver Island be sure to take a tour and taste the home-grown wines of the island's world-class vineyards. Indeed, a Vancouver Island wine actually beat out some French wines at the 2005 St. Catherine's Wine Tasting Competition. So, wine connoisseurs, enjoy!

In addition to high quality wine tasting, enjoy the island's stunning scenery and natural attractions, its rich First Nations culture and history, water sports, camping sites, parks, wildlife watching, whale watching, great golf, hiking, festivals, and more!

Vancouver Trivia

Q. Whom is Vancouver Island Named after?

A. George Vancouver. He was a British Royal Navy officer who explored North America's Pacific Coast between 1791-1794.

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October 20, 2013


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