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This region in Quebec is named after the rugged outdoors, specifically, the Chaudière River and Appalachian Mountains. This region contains several regional county municipalities and a number of cities and villages as well.

An Excellent Tourist Destination

Aside from the great boating and mountain climbing opportunities, Chaudière -Appalaches also contains Regional County Municipalities that offer some great family activities.

The Beauce-Sartigan, for example, offers places that may be hard to find in other regions; for automotive fans you spend time checking out rare cars at the Victor-Belanger Antique Car Museum. Bellechasse offers other exciting places, such as the Gold Museum, the Horse-drawn carriage Museum, and a vibrant ski area.

Adventure in the Thetford Mines

If you can drive a four-wheeler and are looking for some hi-octane fun, then be sure to come to one of Chaudière -Appalaiches' main towns, Thetford Mines. Here you can participate in the motorsport called Mudding, where you see how much mud you can race through.

Cottaging in the Appalaches

The region offeres many great outdoor activites and is truly a sensational place to rent a cottage. Cottagers can enjoy the tranquil scenery or enjoy so many different exhilarating activities.


1) Q: Geographically speaking, what is Chaudiere-Appalaches classified as?

c) administrative region

A: An administrative region

2) Q: The mainly rural area of Beauce borders which American state?

b)Los Angeles

A: Maine

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October 20, 2013


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