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Barrie, Ontario

Barrie is located in Simcoe County, in the Canadian province of Ontario. Its motto is "The people are the city" - and "the people" includes its vacationers and cottagers.

Cottage Delight

Whether relaxing, playing outdoors, or engaging in the arts and culture, Barrie Ontario has something for all its cottagers. Barrie is a popular spot for outdoor entertainment events. Barrie's own Park Place is famous for hosting the historical LIVE 8 concert.

The Visual Arts also has a major presence in Barrie due to the famous Maclaren Art Centre, which features great works of art both indoors and outdoors. Outside the walls of this fine gallery, you'll find "Art City," which is filled with beautiful parks, waterfalls, and sculptures throughout. And, it's all FREE.

If you're in Barrie on Canada Day, you're in for an amazing fireworks display over the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay. Don't miss it!

What Does the Future Hold for Barrie?

Barrie is a big-time theatre city and has great plans to build another theatre downtown. So, keep an eye on Barrie's exciting, expanding theatre culture!

Photo Ops

Look for these photo ops: The city hall of Barrie, and the downtown section of Barrie from Kempenfelt Bay.


Q:Who is the city of Barrie named after?
A:Sir Robert Berry, an 1812 Naval Officer.

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October 20, 2013


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