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Bracebridge, Ontario

Bracebridge became an official town of Canada in 1875. The town's postmaster, who typically named the towns, named it after a book he was reading at the time, entitled Bracebridge Hall, by Washington Irving (published in England, 1822).

Cottage Delight

Bracebridge is an ideal place for a Cottage vacation because its scenery is spectacular. The town is built around a magnificent waterfall on the Muskoka River, and is situated near several other beautiful waterfalls like Wilson's and High Falls. Be sure to take your camera and to catch all the brilliant photo opportunities!

Inspired by the fact that Bracebridge is located at 45 degrees latitude, which is halfway between the equator and the North Pole, a group of townspeople in 1955 created Santa's Village, an all-ages theme park celebrating Christmas and Santa Claus. This theme park continues to be thrive today! Be sure to check it out!

Be Sure to Catch

The Bracebridge Town Express Trolley! This trolley is a great way to travel and to see the Bracebridge town.

Bracebridge Trivia - Beer and Hockey

Q.What brewery is located in Bracebridge Ontario?
A. Muskoka Cottage Brewery.

Q.What famous NHL Hall of Farmer, Stanley Cup winner and Toronto Maple Leaf was born in Bracebridge?
A.Irvin "Ace" Bailey.

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October 20, 2013


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