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Bringing Your Pet To The Cottage

When you're looking to rent a cottage, one of the questions you'll HAVE to ask is "do they allow pets?" Because surely you'll want to bring the pet to the cottage. Or do you?

First things first. Cats Generally can't come to the cottage. There is NO reason to bring a cat to a cottage. Indeed, if you're renting a cottage and happen to ask the owner if you can bring your cat, s/he WILL say no. Take it from me, cat owner PAR excellence: when you own a cat, people don't want to come to YOUR house; when you rent a cottage, people don't want your cat to come to THEIR house. That's my experience anyway.

Just this past summer, we rented a (big) cottage with my parents, siblings and their families. Well! My wee family and I were banned from the master bedroom because the owner of the cottage was apparently "deathly allergic" to cats. So, not only were we not allowed to bring our dear Minden (pictured above) to the cottage -- not that we would have, because he would have been angry and confused the whole time (as cats tend to be when they're out of their element) -- but we were not even allowed to SLEEP in the master bedroom....

Yeah yeah. I've heard it all before.

On the other hand, cute small non shedding dogs are usually allowed to come to the cottage....

She's a little dog, not too yappy, and hardly sheds. Most cottage owners (from my experience), would consider this the perfect pet.

Big shedding dogs, on the OTHER hand, not as much....

Basically, it all depends on the owner. Some cottage owners say absolutely NO PETS ALLOWED. And, others are all "heck, yeah!" So, it's up to you to decide what kind of holiday you want and if your pets would do well in a cottage environment.

My cat would not do well in a cottage environment. But, my sister's dogs, of course, thrived there last summer, and we certainly enjoyed watching them bound about in the forest and chase after sticks and balls in the lake.

So, when you're renting a cottage, be sure to ask if they allow pets. How many pets are allowed? Will there be other pets in the area (bigger dogs, for example)? Be sure to poop-and-scoop, and enjoy!

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October 20, 2013


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