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Cabin Rentals

Thinking about renting a cabin this summer? Great idea! See here's the thing: you don't have to sign up for a summer camp adults' or family program to bring back that old camp feeling. You can do it yourself by renting a cabin - in the woods, mountains, national park, anywhere you choose. Pick a place, and search the numerous cabin listings online.

Why a cabin? Several reasons come to mind.

By renting a cabin, you can recreate an old-fashioned rustic vibe, for example. Or you might feel more connected to the natural surroundings in an old-fashioned abode. Or you may want to be nostalgic and recapture the "campy" vibe without having to join an organized camp program. Of course, you can create your own itinerary, too: find a sizeable group of friends/family, and invite them down to an action-packed camp-type getaway; find a cabin to accommodate everyone, or a group of cabins in the same vicinity. Set up the campfire, take out the canoe, and rough it.

Many people rent cabins to get away from society. They choose a small, secluded cabin in the woods and rough it. This can be incredibly romantic and/or an exhilarating experience in living simply in this complicated, hi-tech world we live in!

Of course, not all cabins are alike. Some can be extremely luxurious, and others less so. Decide what kind of cabin experience you wish to have, and what your budget is. Whether you want a secluded romantic getaway in the forest, an escape from high-tech society, a rustic family vacation, or a campy adventure with friends - you'll no doubt find the perfect cabin online (check out

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October 20, 2013


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